Airport of the Future – Project Jewel

Photo image of the future Singapore Airport

Photo Safdie Architects

Singapore Changi Airport is a place where everyone enjoys spending a couple of hours while in transit. Over the years, Changi Airport has received a consistent record of awards and Business Traveler Magazine has named it the best airport in the world for 26 years.

Photo of Singapore's Airport

Photo: Safdie Architects

Despite the annual accolades, Singapore is planning ongoing works on not only improving the quality of service but to also make it a true tourist attraction thanks to a “lifestyle destination” addition to connect all three terminals.

Nicknamed Project Jewel, the addition is set to expand the airport to 1.4 million square feet with a dome-shaped space that will connect all three terminals via all-glass walkways and will include green walls to offset the emissions from the planes overhead.

A photo rendering of Singapore's new Changi Airport

Photo rendering of Singapore’s Changi Airport [Photo: Safdie Architects]

It is set to cost $1.47 billion and is set to be completed in 2018. Judging by the scope of this ambitious project, Changi Airport is not going to rest on its laurels honored. “We are confident that Project Jewel will be a world-class tourist attraction, and Singaporeans will not just enjoy it, but be proud of it,” – says Sue Lee Hyang, Director-General of Changi Airport Group.

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