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Malaysia Housing Development Act

Housing developers in Peninsular Malaysia are mainly governed by the Housing Development (Control & Licensing) Act 1966 and its related regulations and guidelines issued  by state authorities from time to time.

The HDA 1966 plays a dual role whereby its provisions detail the licensing rules of housing developers and their associated duties and responsibilities which in turn serve to fundamentally protect purchasers of housing accommodation.

Since its implementation, the HDA 1966 has undergone a number of amendments in the effort to better regulate residential developers and tackle the many issues arising in the industry. To a great extent, each amendment has always resulted in stricter rules being imposed on developers and greater protection of purchasers. This is precisely, again, the impact of the latest amendment of HDA 1966;

The Housing Development (Control & Licensing) (Amendment) Act 2012 has recently come into force on 1st June 2015. Implementation of the HDA 2012 is supplemented by the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Regulations 2015 which will come into effect on 1st July 2015. A relatively brief Act, HDA 2012 together with HDR 2015 has shifted certain salient aspects of housing development, as discussed in the following paragraphs;

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Will the Internet replace agents

Written by Rui Hoe

Question: Will the internet replace real estate agents?

Answer: First and foremost, read this Bloomberg article on how the internet is changing the way property is sold in India. Seems like buyers have a vast array of real estate tools and information at their fingertips to make online purchasing decisions these days…

Who needs an agent to tell you what homes are on the market when we have and to provide a near-comprehensive search of all available properties?

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Fitch Ratings

So there’s finally some good news coming out of Malaysia. Fitch Ratings has revised it’s outlook on Malaysia’s sovereign rating to “stable” on views that the GST and fuel subsidy reform are supporting the country’s finances. Read it here:

Okay.. so who really cares about these ratings? After all Malaysia is just as safe (or unsafe) today as it was yesterday, before Fitch decided to revised the outlook. Right? While that may be technically true, but it’s really all about perception…

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Bandar Masai Perdana – Creative & Diligence

Doing my due diligence with my drone.

Doing my due diligence with my drone.

Whenever I go about doing my own investigation on a neighbourhood, I always visit the place more than once. This usually results in an array of different creative videos being produced after each trip. My last excursion was no exception and here are some of the creative madness that came out of spending a week in Masai, Johor.

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Kuala Lumpur Aerial Real Estate Analysis

In this video, join Rui Hoe up in the sky as he takes a private helicopter ride to gain a better perspective on the greater Kuala Lumpur real estate development scene.

Taking off from Subang we head straight to the Sg Buloh MRT Depot, and will fly along the upcoming Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT Line (est. completion year 2017) to KL City Center. We will circle around downtown and then fly back to Subang.

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