Luxury Space Saving Condo Design

High-end tiny apartments are the trend in Hong Kong,  and if you are on a budget, how do you work 350 square feet of apartment space into luxury living quarters?

Well, using a series of amazing space-saving strategies and mobile architectural elements, Gary Change  converted his small apartment into a vast palace filled with many distinct, unique, useful and luxurious spaces.


This fascinating apartment includes a steam room, home cinema and many other high-end amenities not found in most living spaces of comparable seize. A series of sliding walls contain spaces within them but also hide drawers, shelves and other useful storage places for DVDs, CDs, books and other objects that normally displace interior space. In short: they define space as walls but also double as doors and dividers.


Fold-down desks and other fold-out design elements are another essential part of his space-saving strategy, converting empty space into seating, surfaces and beds as needed. Instead of using valuable wall space for his big-screen TV, the designer put the moving screen over an existing window to give that limited square footage a dual purpose. Originally a cramped rental unit shared by Chang and his parents, he has since purchased this property in order to develop it into a transforming dream home.

Here is a video of Chang’s project:-

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