By Dennis Chong (AFP)

Hong Kong  - At a glitzy show stall for a new residential development in Hong Kong, property agents with loudspeakers are promoting the latest trend in the overcrowded city — high-end “micro-flats” which still come with an eye-watering price tag.

Hong Kong Skyline

Growth-hungry investors have sent Hong Kong property prices skyward in the last few years [Photo: Wikimedia]

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Amazing Penang, Malaysia

Property Pinpoint is proud to present Penang Island, a favourite among local and foreign property buyers and one of the top places to own a home in Southeast Asia. With its idyllic sea views, significant heritage and hillside residential living, many consider this state, conferred a UNESCO World Heritage site status, to be the ideal place to live, work and raise a family in. So for those who have never been to Penang, here is a sneak peak on what the island can offer.  Enjoy!

Malaysia Tourist Visa

Malaysia Flag

Did you know that Malaysia has one of the most hassle-free tourist visa procedures in all of Asia, with most visitors being granted a free 30-to-90 day Social Visit Pass on arrival. Compare that to virtually every other country in the region, which are not only stricter with the time they grant travellers, but also more costly.

For the vast majority of visitors to Malaysia, such a generous allotment of days in their visa means never having to deal with the Immigration and should you wish to extend your Social Visit Pass — they can in theory be extended twice, for 30 days at a time by going to the nearest Immigration Depart of Malaysia.

Bullet Trains

When will the bullet trains be in Southeast Asia? [Photo: Wikimedia]

 When you think of high-speed rail (HSR), you associate them with Asia—China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea have successfully built up thousands of kilometers of HSR network to increase connectivity. From these projects, we can clearly see that proximity to rail infrastructure often creates a positive impact on property values.

Interestingly, Southeast Asia’s HSR development has only just begun and this article will list the planned or proposed HSR projects in the region. HSR is definite as a public transport by rail at speeds in excess of 200km/h (125mph).

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KL at Night

KL at night. [Photo: Wikimedia]

I have been all over Asia and this is where I call home. Seeing rapid progression in technology, construction, and more importantly the fusion of cultures throughout the region has led me to believe that Asia will lead the way in the 21st Century.

So if you want to take part in all the excitement that Asia has to offer with Western amenities and a quality of life, read on…

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