Paradise Living: Sabah – A Short Documentary

Sabah, Malaysia a land of deep green jungle, craggy mountains and shockingly blue ocean that all seems to collide into one moving, magnificent paradise. And so we decided to do a short real estate documentary.

It is said to be the best state in Malaysia when it comes to outdoor adventure. Its attractions range from the breath-taking natural wonders such as mountains, jungles, islands and flora and fauna, to the colourful cultures of its multi-ethnic inhabitants.

With significant investment in social infrastructure, such as hospitals, schools, resorts as well as improved airport access, Sabah is not only a great place for adventure enthusiasts but also an awe-inspiring place to own a home.

Paradise Living: Sabah film is an insight that examines the potential within the resort property sector in Sabah and why it is such an attractive investment opportunity.

Through interviews with those responsible for the state’s success, the film looks at the factors behind the transformation, where Sabah is now and what the future holds.

Special thanks to:
Datuk Francis Goh – President of Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (
Y.B. Datuk Haji Masidi Manjun – Sabah Tourism Board – Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment (
Sucy Ng – Managing Director, Tekun Cemerlang Sdn. Bhd.
Mark Edleson – President, Alila Hotels & Resorts (

Music: Alphabetica, Leaf and Inspire a New World by The Secession Studios (

Filmed and Edited by Rui Hoe – Director, Property Pinpoint (

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