While Rui Hoe was in Sabah, Malaysia to film a real estate documentary, he decided to do a video blog on the trip as well. This is the 2nd episode of a 3 part series in Sabah and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Property Pinpoint Vlog Ep.2

In this video, I started the day early visiting the Gaya Street Market which takes place every Sunday, 6am to 1pm, in the centre of Kota Kinabalu. Over here, you’ll be able to find different stalls selling anything you can imagine – eateries, pets, fishes, medical plants, souvenirs, antiques, handicrafts, fruits, etc.

Now the journey to Kudat, a small town a few hours north of Kota Kinabalu, begins. Kudat is a quiet port and is fairly unremarkable. But it’s the land that leads up to the Tip of Borneo, which excites me. There’s just miles and miles of beautiful beaches, some of which are excellent for surfing, while others are good for watching lonely cattle and blood-red sunsets.

Rui enjoying the sunset at the Tip of Borneo

Rui enjoying the sunset at the Tip of Borneo

The trick is finding these spots and all you need is a little exploratory enthusiasm to find that mythical traveller pot of gold – the hidden, untouched private beach.

Right at the northern-most tip of Borneo, it is here that the South China Sea lingers and meets the Sulu Seas flowing east. The setting here is simply just stunning. So just watch the video and you’ll know what I mean.

Feels like I’m at the end of the earth.

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