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A Day in Bali – The Alila Experience

A Day in Bali, Behind the lens

Not too long ago, I spent a few days in Bali to research on the Alila Hotel & Resorts brand. Here’s a BIG tip: if you’re going to invest in a resort property, one of the most important thing to look at is the hotel or management brand who is going to manage your property.

Why? Because the brand will tell you how your property is going to be maintained and secondly, the right brand will help you get your property rented out.

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Becoming a landlord can give you a great stream of passive income, but it still takes a lot of hard work—not to mention the money you'll need up front.

One of the most common reason why investors buy into real estate is because of it’s the ability to generate passive income. The idea of not working and yet receive money sounds great but do you fully understand how essential this is in our lives?

Well, lets start with the definition of Passive income and based on investopedia, “Passive income is earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not actively involved.

The key word I want to highlight to you is ‘actively’, because the truth is that you would still need some level of involvement to receive passive income and when done right, these are 5 benefits you will receive from it:

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It’s December. Stop working and get out of town. If you’ve not made plans, here are 5 nature-friendly getaways in Peninsular Malaysia that you should check into for some R & R.

1. Sekeping Serendah, Kuala Lumpur

Sekeping Serendah, Kuala Lumpur

Located in the town of Serendah, the secluded retreat spot is a perfect place to recharge yourself. Sekeping Serendah is a private retreat attempting to tread lightly on the land. The very transparent and open sheds celebrate the beauty of the natural environment surrounding them. The sheds are intentionally kept basic and free from lavishness. They are seen more as ‘glorified tents’ to provide basic shelter for its inhabitants as they commune with the land.

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