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Obtaining back to back Thailand holiday visa will not be easy.

The days of freewheeling foreigners staying in Thailand without proper visas are over. Those without proper long-stay visas have for some time been able to take advantage of the border run system, exiting the country at an official border point and re-entering the same day. This would usually give them another 15 or 30 days in the country, depending on their nationality.

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Malaysia Tourist Visa

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Did you know that Malaysia has one of the most hassle-free tourist visa procedures in all of Asia, with most visitors being granted a free 30-to-90 day Social Visit Pass on arrival. Compare that to virtually every other country in the region, which are not only stricter with the time they grant travellers, but also more costly.

For the vast majority of visitors to Malaysia, such a generous allotment of days in their visa means never having to deal with the Immigration and should you wish to extend your Social Visit Pass — they can in theory be extended twice, for 30 days at a time by going to the nearest Immigration Depart of Malaysia.