The Pursuit of Money

Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road (2008)

Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road (2008)

Question: Is working for money a good enough motivation for you to keep at a job that you don’t really care?

Why not? The pursuit of money is linked to the pursuit of happiness. Money = Happiness and it’s a powerful thing that allows dreams to come true. Come on.. just look through your FB & Instagram feed and there is an increasingly display of wealth together with happiness.

So lets chase the dream and every morning, Monday through Friday, you go to work 9 to 6 sitting there punching away the hours stressing about the work at hand. Most of the time, you got to do OT and that pisses you off.. But you suck it up! Because you’re ambitions, you’re a hard worker, and you want to climb up the corporate ladder to be living the life!

Yes.. “I want live the life” and you start thinking to yourself “It will all work out as long as I’m working for 12 -16 hours a day 5/6 times a week..” Fast forward 5 years and you realise you are still unhappy with your job. You’ve become one of “those people” that work because you have to. You need to support your family, even if you hate doing it because you’re a responsible person. Life became miserable..

Revolutionary Road kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio

Truth is usually in singular – Lies always come in plural.

To your friends, co-workers.. To the society.. Everything seems great with your life. But behind closed doors, you know it’s a different story. You’re upset with how things have turned out and you realised youth, health and time are your most valuable asset and no amount of money can buy back these back..

What I have describe to you was how I felt a year ago.. But I decided to claim back my path after watching Revolutionary Road. It’s about an unhappy married couple living in the 1950′s suburbs. They struggle dealing with their lives, how things have turned out, and what to do next.

If you’ve conform to the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours to what our society perceives as normal, you will definitely relate to the characters in the movie. Your problems might not be as drastic as these theirs, but you’ll know that something is not right with our perception of normal.

Go watch the movie if you have not and let me know how you feel about it.

- Rui Hoe

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