What is Mont Kiara like?

Mont Kiara has a formula to attract families with children: Great international schools, greenery, and well groom sidewalks in a friendly community with young families can’t get enough.

This area consists mainly of residential condominiums, office complexes, malls, and there are two international schools, the British Garden International School and the American Mont Kiara International School within the vicinity.


While on my walk, I found that most of the residents are expatriates and affluent locals who all attracted to Mont Kiara’s classy vibe and the convenient lifestyle it provides.

For me, the selling points for this area are: 1) Walkability, 2) Self-contained with many hip and trendy shopping malls, dining restaurants, cafes, and other places of recreation, 3) Emphasis on security 4) The presence of international schools

It’s funny when I was younger, I thought my ideal home would be in the city centre because it’s near work, restaurants, friends, public transportation and the environment was just great for a young couple. Then came Milana, my daughter and my values changed.

Now I value a safe neighbourhood with good schools and more importantly a community of like-minded neighbours raising kids of their own. Because when I feel drained from all the toys and cartoons, it’ll be nice to surround myself with other adults who are in the similar position as me.

Anyway, it’s really not about me. As a parent, I just want the best for my child, and it’s my duty to seek out environments that enhance the family life. So if I were to make Kuala Lumpur my home, I would seriously consider making Mont Kiara my nest.

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